Elevate Your Business Intelligence and Analytics with Advanced Spend Analytics

Many newly acquired companies may not be performing at their optimal growth potential. Our consultants are adept in developing robust, data backed solutions in a fast-changing market environment to always deliver more in less. We empower newly acquired companies with targeted business turnaround strategies, optimizing supply chain operations and driving significant improvements.

Our Services

Valorant business intelligence and analytics - Spend Cube Development

Spend Cube Development

We specialize in constructing and refining, empowering businesses to unlock comprehensive spending insights and optimize their procurement strategies.

Valorant business intelligence and analytics - Spend Analytics and Opportunity Assessment

Spend Analytics and Opportunity Assessment

We utilize advanced analytics techniques to identify cost-saving opportunities and provide actionable recommendations for businesses to enhance their financial performance and drive strategic growth.

Spend Analytics: Maximizing Efficiency and ROI

Predictive Analytics

Our team of experts applies predictive analytics models to forecast future spending patterns, enabling you to proactively adjust procurement strategies, optimize inventory levels, and mitigate financial risks.

Direct Vendor Relations

We evaluate vendor performance, identify underperforming suppliers, and negotiate favorable contracts.

Category Management

Our spend cube and data analytics services focus on creating and enhancing your organization’s spending to target the categories that have the highest cost savings potential.

Case Study



A mid-market online marketplace company wanted us to spearhead their spent cube development from AP data and conduct an opportunity assessment to understand near-term sourcing savings.



Using key spend analysis tools, we studied the AP data for the last eighteen months and created a 4-level taxonomy. We then classified the 95% of the sp end spanning 500+ suppliers. Both the taxonomy and final spend analysis results were reviewed with the client.



After completing the spend analysis, we studied the high-value contracts, extracted the metadata and through custom developed tools married contracts data with the spend information to create a sourcing pipeline. The sourcing pipeline was benchmarked for opportunities. During the process, supplier normalization was also completed.

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