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Generate actionable business insights from your data

  • The exponential innovation in the technology space has created a world where a large amount of data is generated every day and can be captured and analyzed for value. There is both structured and unstructured data, internal, customer, supplier, social media and macroeconomic data. However, to be able to extract value from this data, it must be processed and analyzed in a systematic manner. Today, only 30% of the companies are actively generating business insights from their data and utilizing it to solve real business problems. Almost half of the companies do not even know the full extent of data they generate, let alone how to use it.
  • Data can reveal trends and patterns that are otherwise impossible to identify, at the same time data can also be used to automate mundane reporting tasks through dynamic dashboards which can help increase talent utilization and reduce costs. Each of the business functions like Sales, Finance, Admin, HR, IT, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations etc. can leverage business intelligence uniquely to drive actionable insights and enhance business performance. Collectively this can have considerable topline as well as bottom line impact for the business.
  • Valorant helps clients in setting up an inhouse Business Intelligence Center of Excellence that can play a key role in the strategic planning, measuring performance progress toward business goals, performing quantitative analysis, reporting and data sharing, and identifying customer insights. This BI CoE becomes the standard reference point for the entire organization to ensure consistent usage, active collaboration and skill development.
  • Valorant’s comprehensive approach helps deliver an impactful BI organization in an expedited timeline and includes:

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Services

Talent and Skill -
Tools and Templates -
Technologies -
Organization and Governance -


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