Enterprise Data and Analytics Transformation

Data and Analytics transformation helps clients identify and capture new business value from their data to turn it into a competitive advantage

  • Accelerated developments in the information technology domain over the last couple of decades have led us to a point where modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning can imitate and improvise human decision-making process. Being objective, data-based machines, AI can often surpass humans in terms of speed, accuracy and efficiency when performing day to day tasks and calculations. However, AI, ML and other recent technologies are only as efficient as the data and insights that are fed to them. With an unprecedented amount and variety of existing and new data generated in the world today, optimizing the use of analytics is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. Valorant helps clients identify and apply meaningful insights throughout the organization to grow, protect and optimize their business. We leverage available data pools, streamline data supply chains to set up insights that capture most value from data and turn them into tangible competitive advantage.
  • We believe that data and analytics should be embedded deep into the business processes where people can most efficiently harness them for efficient decision making. Our data and analytics experts systematically combine human and technological capabilities at the right touchpoints which helps clients to enhance performance during change and uncertainty, drive breakthrough innovations and become industry thought leaders.
  • We understand the intricacies of your business and the competitive dynamics to support your goals with data and analytics transformation. As an advanced analytics-enabled organization, some of the key benefits you can realize include:

How Advanced Analytics Can Help?

Personalized Customer Experiences

Operational Excellence

Business Model Innovation

Our Approach

  • We start with charting a detailed roadmap from your current analytics capabilities to becoming a best-in-class analytics organization by overcoming all obstacles and challenges. Irrespective of where you are in your digital journey, our expert consultants will help you identify sources of new business value, expand your data ecosystem, build analytical models and integrate best-fit tools. Further, we will drive change management initiatives and optimize organization and governance in an objective, data driven approach.

What you get

Agile implementation

Prioritize analytics projects based on potential value and ease of implementation

Analytical Models and Techniques

Best-in-class analytical models suitable to your industry and company specific goals

Integrated Technology

Standardized data ecosystem along with compatible technology solutions

Valoran driven results

Faster Decisions

Enhanced Profitability

Happy Customers


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