Digital Innovation

  • With the rapid evolution of digital technologies, the potential for digital innovation is limitless, in terms of the depth and breadth of their relevance for business operations. Be it automation of business processes, analyzing large amounts of data, or engaging seamlessly with customers through various channels, digital innovation is at the core of any modern enterprise. It has grown from a luxury into an immediate business necessity, in order to keep organizations relevant and competitive.
  • Valorant offers end to end digital innovation and transformation right from planning and design to technology and operational implementation. With our unrivalled technological expertise and our inhouse strategy and implementation experience, we help our clients develop easy to use digital solutions using the latest technologies to solve a variety of business problems.

Digital Capabilities

Visual AI platform

Custom cognitive solutions

AI strategy and implementation

Industry-specific product platforms

Modular plug & play applications backed by AI & ML

Robotic Process Automation

About Our Partner Firms

1. Mantra Labs

Mantra Labs is an AI first technology products and solutions company working with some of the largest companies across the world. Their passion to create intuitive products & solutions has helped them delight hundreds of clients over the last 10 years.

Visit Mantra Labs Website

Mantra Labs specialize in:

2. Flowmagic

Flowmagic is an artificial intelligence platform that lets businesses harness the power of cutting-edge machine learning models with the ease of an interactive visual user interface. By offering AI & ML based technologies in a customizable UI based approach, Flowmagic offers various benefits to organization.

Visit Flowmagic Website

Flowmagic offers the following benefits:

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