IT Cost Reduction

IT cost reduction will enable you to adopt emerging technologies, drive further efficiencies and expand capabilities to provide fuel for growth

  • Today, technology’s impact is increasing across all areas of the business. Leading companies are leveraging emerging technologies to create a competitive advantage over peers. However, the race to digitalization is also pushing IT costs up every year. However, for most companies up to 80% of IT budgets are still dedicated to “keeping the lights on”, leaving very little to spend on innovation. This is one of the key reasons which has led to delays in the digital transformation plans of many businesses.
  • Because of this, IT cost reduction has become a key strategic priority for corporate leaders. As much as it helps in improving EBIDTA, it also enables companies to adopt emerging technologies to drive further efficiencies and expand their capabilities.
  • Valorant can help you reduce your IT costs by simplifying your IT ecosystem, refining your strategy as well as by implementing strategic sourcing best practices for IT procurement. We will work with your business & IT teams to understand goals and priorities to develop a tailored cost reduction roadmap that will help you bolster IT performance and pursue new opportunities.


Set cost reduction goals –
Identify opportunities and capture value -
Set up mechanisms for sustained optimization –


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