IT Governance

Organizations with superior IT Governance are 50% more likely to achieve their strategic goals

  • Technology is one of the most powerful resources that enables organizations to achieve a variety of operational and strategic objectives. It supports business transformations to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and performance. But technology investments can be significant and there is always a risk of low or delayed value realization. Also, a deluge of technological solutions and limited availability of funds means every decision must be carefully evaluated to ensure strategic ROI is maximized for the organization. In such a high risk, high-impact environment, IT Governance is crucial to achieving business objectives and developing a sustainable competitive advantage through technology.
  • Furthermore, organizations today are subject to increasingly stringent regulations related to the protection of data, security and financial accountability. Rising IT costs, greater risk exposure and the pervasiveness of IT in all areas of the business has made IT Governance a necessity. IT Governance provides the organizational decision making and accountability framework to align IT investments with business strategies and encourage optimal usage of IT resources. To be successful, organizations must actively develop and adopt a comprehensive IT Governance framework that includes roles & responsibilities, processes, templates and tools.
  • Valorant helps organizations to achieve effective IT Governance by leveraging our proprietary governance framework. We start with assessing your organization’s current IT Governance maturity level across 5 key areas:
Strategic Alignment
Value Realization
Risk Management
Resource Management
Performance Management
  • We then work with your IT and business stakeholders to understand your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, culture and business objectives. Further, we will review the gaps and identify opportunities to align IT objectives with business strategies. Finally, we will develop a detailed roadmap and implement it to help you manage your IT spend and maximize the value of IT investments to drive revenue, reduce costs and mitigate regulatory risks.


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