IT Operating Model

IT organizations must evolve and ensure that their operating model is keeping up with the challenges of today’s hi-tech world

  • Over the last couple of decades, IT has evolved drastically from being a support function to becoming a means of doing business itself. Companies are spending more on technology every year, but still, most of the major transformations fail to deliver the expected benefits. Very frequently, the problem lies within the IT organization itself. Staff with critical skills aren't empowered to use them, benefits of agile aren’t getting materialized and the organization is unable to react quickly and adequately to the ever-changing technology landscape. One of the key reasons behind this is that the IT operating model hasn’t been able to keep up with the speed of advancements in IT. Consequently, IT organizations must evolve and ensure their operating model is capable of overcoming the new challenges of today’s hi-tech world.
  • Traditionally, IT operating models were driven by reliable service delivery, standardization, centralization and cost control. While these were relevant in the past, today they are obsolete and must be revamped. Valorant works with IT leaders and provides best-in-class tools, processes and frameworks to enhance decision making, reorganize workflows and manage teams effectively. Our IT Operating Model solutions set you up for success by enabling high-velocity change, consistent governance and a comprehensive talent strategy.
  • To start with, our consultants immerse themselves in your business to understand your values, culture, IT strategy and business objectives. We then formulate a customized IT operating model to maximize IT’s contribution towards your broader business goals. While each company would have a unique operating model, we believe it should be driven by the following key drivers:


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