IT Risk Management

Having the right-fit people, process, and technology to proactively manage IT risks can enable you to be agile, innovative and effective while being protected from risks

  • Increasingly, technology-oriented business models have led even the most conservative companies to step outside of their own infrastructure borders. Cloud software, data repositories, application program interfaces (API’s) and the increased use of third-party software and services have all led to reduced levels of control and increased IT risk for organizations across the globe. Moreover, frequent technology innovation and subsequent upgrades pose incremental technology selection and implementation risks as well as increased operational risks arising from changes in business processes.
  • Customers, suppliers, agents, other third-parties and their employees now have more channels than ever to access the systems and data of a company, thereby creating a multitude of new vulnerabilities. The expanded use of connected devices and remote sensors in smart cars, homes, machinery, and commercial buildings will raise the IT risks even more in the years to come. Meanwhile AI and related technologies are being used by adversaries to discover new vulnerabilities and exploit them. To be adequately prepared for threats, companies should proactively evaluate their IT risk management capabilities and strengthen them with effective procedures for governance, control and compliance.
  • Valorant’s experienced technology risk consultants understand how your business and IT is changing and enables you to manage IT risks in the most cost-effective way. We typically start with getting an insight into your current risk management practices by assessing sensitive data, critical infrastructure, applications, processes and policies. We then work to develop and implement the right-fit strategy roadmap which includes the operating model, governance, risk and compliance structure to establish industry leading IT risk management practices.
  • Our services can help you manage IT risks better, by:


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