Due Diligence

As much as half of the M&A synergies are priced into the purchase price, having an accurate assessment of deal value can reduce risk and enhance the possibility of a successful transaction

  • Operational efficiencies are one of the major rationales for M&A transaction and accurately estimating the value potential is crucial to the success of any deal. Over or under-estimating the synergy potential can not only lead to erroneous valuation, but can seriously impact integration timelines, leading to high chances of subpar value realization and consequently a failed attempt at achieving profitable inorganic growth.
  • Valorant is experienced in working with corporate clients for doing operational pre-deal due diligence. We do an in-depth objective analysis of the proposed M&A to identify the benefits as well as the risks associated with the deal. Our M&A experience enables us to exhaustively look at all synergy areas to provide you with a detailed assessment of the transaction. Further, we can also support you in executing and implementing the identified opportunities to ensure timely value capture. Below are some of the benefits that you can expect from our pre-deal operational due diligence services:

Valorant Pre-Deal Due Diligence Services


Interested in learning more about how Valorant’s Pre-Deal Due Diligence services can help you reduce risk and ensure successful growth through M&A? Reach out to us now


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