Empowering Your Business with Pre-deal Precision

Operational efficiencies are one of the major rationales for M&A transactions so accurately estimating the value potential is crucial to successful deals. We are experienced in working with corporate and commercial organizations on operational pre-deal due diligence, and we do an in-depth objective analysis of the proposed M&A to identify the benefits & risks associated with the deal.

Our Services

Pre-Deal Due Diligence Services

We offer comprehensive assessments and analysis to facilitate informed decision-making for potential business deals

Seal the Deal with Confidence


We create roadmaps of pre-deal due diligencechecklists to visualize short and long-term opportunity execution with estimated effort and team size

Detailed Assessment

Our pre-deal due diligence services focus on a holistic approach towards assessing spend, procurement operations, risks, and technology to support your investment decision and transaction valuations


Our dedicated team of experts are ready to assist with deal closure and post deal integration within the first day of deal closure

Case Study



For a Canadian Utility company that was in acquisition talks with the division of a larger Utility firm, we were engaged in the due diligence of buy side contracts.



First, we gathered all buy-side contracts data. The contracts were segmented into three priority categories. For the contracts in each category, we went through several phases, including metadata extraction, reviewing the type of contract and actions thereof, benefits from spend and or supplier consolidation, assessment of risks, compliance to the client’s legal standards, supplier negotiations and finally, signing of the contracts on the client’s paper.



We created around 450 – 500 contracts of various types, assessed spend categories, and converted several million dollars in savings delivered within a very short period without increasing third-party risks.

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