Unlock Your Portfolio's Full Potential with Valorant's Performance Improvement Consulting

We work with PE firms and their portfolio companies to enhance operating performance and EBITDA by achieving supply Chain and procurement excellence. By generating short-term savings as well as creating sustainable long-term value, supply chain and procurement has proved to be an effective contributor to return on investment (ROI) improvements of PE investments.

Our Services

Valorant Private Equity Services - Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis

We dive into your company’s expenditure patterns and procurement processes, providing insights to optimize costs and identify savings opportunities.

Spend Aggregation and Formulation with Valorant

Spend Aggregation and Formulation

We enable clients to consolidate purchasing power, negotiate favorable contracts, and develop strategic sourcing strategies to drive cost efficiencies.

Valorant Private Equity Services - Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment

We evaluate your business operations, identifying areas for improvement, growth potential, and innovative solutions to enhance performance and seize market opportunities.

Valorant Supply chain risk management

Supply Chain and Operations

We streamline processes, enhance visibility, and optimize logistics to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall operational effectiveness.

Maximizing Value for Your Portfolio

Indirect Category Sourcing

Valorant’s unique proposition is maximizing speed to value for the portfolio companies by setting up a GPO (group procurement organization), thereby leveraging buying power and custom digital innovation for Indirect buying categories that tend to be common across industries.

Industry Knowledge

With experience working with organizations across several core industries, our seasoned experts will diversify your portfolio with efficiency and accelerated timelines.

Data Driven Implementation

With any level of organization’s spend data and operations, we will create a detailed assessment of current procurement processes & supply chain management to propose and implement customized solutions to increase growth.

Team Focused Solutions

We focus on creating solutions and implementation strategies that empower and mobilize all teams to collaborate on portfolio performance improvement consulting.

Case Study



For one of the recently divested mid-market chemical companies the AgroChem space, we were entrusted to drive rapid third-party spend savings across spend areas



We started with analysis and categorization of client’s spending into direct and indirect categories. Indirect categories were targeted first as the spending was largely commoditized and could be negotiated with suppliers and or tendered to obtain the best prices. Simultaneously, for direct spending, tollers and contract manufacturers were researched who could supply the same products at lower prices because they had higher purchasing power than client’s and the RMs were non-IP materials.



Within four months, several million dollars of third-party spending savings were delivered and a pipeline for several more million dollars of savings created.

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