Transforming Newly Acquired Companies with Turnaround Strategy

Many newly acquired companies may not be performing at their optimal growth potential. Our consultants are adept in developing robust, data backed solutions in a fast-changing market environment to always deliver more in less. We empower newly acquired companies with targeted business turnaround strategies, optimizing supply chain operations and driving significant improvements.

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Valorant Private Equity Services - EBITDA Improvement

EBITDA Improvement

We specialize in EBITDA Improvement for turnaround strategies, providing expert guidance to enhance earnings and operational efficiency for businesses seeking a transformative resurgence.

Empowering Newly Acquired Companies

Data Analysis & Management

Through data-driven assessments, we identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and areas of improvement within the supply chain, enabling us to develop a targeted turnaround plan.

Supply Chain Operations

By streamlining processes, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall supply chain agility, we enable companies to respond swiftly to market demands, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and drive revenue growth.

Topline Growth

We strive to explore all avenues of revenue growth and execution from marginal cost-reductions and topline revenue growth.

Case Study



For the largest contract global manufacturer of bar soap, we were brought in to improve EBITDA margins in a rapid turnaround



We engaged in rapid value creation through several vectors: conduct time-study on inefficiencies, increase OEE through superior planning and order forecasting, identify and replace SKUs with lower contribution margin, negotiate with suppliers for cost reduction, and optimize logistics and supply chain.



We increased EBIT by several 100 basis points, built and deployed custom digital solution (INV-Pro) to improve OEE, and implemented several sustainable operational process improvements.

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