Distribution and Channel Strategy

Make sustainable improvements to the effectiveness of your sales investments and enhance customer interactions across channels to drive profitable growth.

  • Businesses across the globe are facing extraordinary disruption led by the COVID-19 pandemic, digital technologies and changing consumer behavior. As a result, omnichannel strategies have become increasingly popular and are being adopted by companies across multiple industries. While consumer product companies rely on warehouse shipments, direct store delivery or direct-to-consumer models, software companies leverage inside sales, distributors, OEM partners and direct digital customer acquisition. Some industries like financial services have developed self-service, assisted self-service and full-service options across physical and digital channels.
  • Increasing competition among a variety of distribution channels has left leaders wondering how to prioritize the right mix of channels for their products and services. Depending on the target market, consumer base and costs, each channel has its own benefits and challenges and must be carefully assessed. Focus must always be on managing each of these channels to ensure they reach consumers effectively and the mix is always aligned to the strategic direction.
  • Valorant can help you optimize your sales, distribution and channel operations by leveraging our proprietary framework and methodology that focuses on strategy, process, people and technology. Based on maturity of your existing sales distribution and channel operations, we provide a comprehensive view of sales organization and develop a roadmap with strategic and tactical solutions to help your business grow profitably. Here are some of the key areas where we can help you:
  • Our solutions ensure that clients realize tangible improvement in financial performance by enhancing channel efficiency, optimizing channel management and ensuring improved access to target customer groups.


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