Market Entry Strategy

Enter new markets with confidence of data backed analyses and end to end support from Valorant’s expert growth consultants

  • Expansion into new product lines and new markets is one of the key drivers of growth for companies across industries. As the world economy evolves to become truly global, it is now an imperative for many businesses to expand in new markets across the globe, especially emerging markets. However, venturing into new markets, whether it is a new geography or a new product space, is inherently challenging due to the myriad of unknowns. To be successful, companies need a structured approach to identify and validate opportunities. They must work to formulate implementable strategies that will help establish a strong market presence with potential of sustainable growth in the foreseeable future.
  • Any time a new market entry decision is made, the company leadership faces complex questions pertinent to a variety of internal and external factors. Some of them include:
  • 1. Is the market profitable?
  • 2. What are the barriers to enter the market?
  • 3. What is the ease of doing business? i.e., subsidies, macroeconomic condition etc.
  • 4. Do we have the skills needed to compete in the new market?
  • 5. Is hiring and training new talent feasible?
  • 6. Are financial resources at low cost of capital available to enter the market?
  • 7. Should the company create production and distribution capabilities in-house? or buy a company already competing in the market? or form a joint venture with another company?
  • 8. What are the potential regulatory challenges?
  • Valorant can help you evaluate, understand, develop and seize new market opportunities by providing data backed solutions to all of your market entry challenges. We bring expert insights into key market entry requisites including:
Target market identification and prioritization
Market sizing with projected growth
Market maturity assessment
Market landscape analysis
Business environment assessment (regulatory, technological, social, political)
Post-entry growth opportunity assessment
Talent landscape mapping
Strategic expansion roadmap development and implementation
  • We work closely with your sales, marketing, product and operations teams to understand capabilities, vision and objectives. Further, our market entry recommendations are based on outcomes of our analysis, experience and in alignment with your goals. Below are some of the typical market entry recommendations that we support our clients on:
Joint Ventures
Turnkey Projects
Greenfield Investments
Direct Exporting


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