Is your technology supporting your business strategy? Are your IT security measures up to date? Are you using the cloud to your full advantage? Are your IT processes, policies and organization efficient? Our comprehensive IT assessment will answer these questions and more

  • Technology Assessment is the typical starting point for most IT strategy consulting engagements. The assessment helps in getting insights into your organization’s IT ecosystem which enables us to create a detailed roadmap for the future state IT organization as per your business objectives. With a deep understanding of IT architecture, IT organizational structures as well as systems and application management, our consultants will do a 360-degree comprehensive assessment of your IT function including:
IT Infrastructure – Hardware & Software
IT policies & staff competencies
IT application landscape
Technology sophistication
Cloud Readiness
Network and security controls
Data and backup management
IT support capabilities

IT Assessment Process


Finalize Scope - In this step, we identify the key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities. With inputs from business and IT teams, we will finalize the scope of the assessment based on client objectives and align on expectations


Gather Inputs - Collect inputs from all available sources, including:

  • All IT documentation (Policy, Process etc.)
  • IT contracts
  • IT Architecture diagrams
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • License and usage data
  • Log files
  • IT suppliers
  • Other resources


Analyze Inputs – We review all the inputs from an inside out perspective and benchmark them with industry best practices to identify gaps. Further, we also look at how the IT function contributes to business goals and identify areas where it fails to do so


Report & Recommendation – Assimilate all findings to deliver a detailed report on the client’s IT organization and prepare a roadmap to address the gaps


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