Integrate Merger & Acquisition Deals with Confidence

We work with clients throughout the mergers & acquisitions lifecycle from pre-deal due diligence to post-merger integration strategy to ensure the greatest value realization. Our deep industry and domain knowledge, digital-first agile approach and collaborative methodology enables us to overcome all challenges and increase deal efficiency.

Our Services

Valorant Merger Integration - Clean Room Services

Clean Room Services

By creating a protected environment, we facilitate the exchange of proprietary data and thorough analysis, enabling informed decision-making while safeguarding data privacy and confidentiality.

Valorant Merger Integration - Speed To Value

Speed To Value

We employ a digital-first agile approach to accelerate deal timelines without compromising quality, evaluate opportunities, identify risks, and execute transactions promptly, enabling clients to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities and achieve goals faster.

Valorant Merger Integration - Synergy Savings Roadmap

Synergy Savings Roadmap

We collaborate closely with clients to develop comprehensive synergy savings roadmaps for cost reduction and revenue enhancement, providing a clear strategic path to maximizing value post-transaction.

Valorant Merger Integration - Synergy Savings Realization

Synergy Savings Realization

We facilitate a seamless transition and the efficient integration of operations, systems, and cultures through our change management expertise and process optimization strategies.

Secure Data & Seamless Integration

Multi-level Data Protection

Our in-depth experience in industrial manufacturing, end-to-end supply chain and procurement allows us to complete in-depth objective analysis of the proposed M&A to identify the benefits as well as the risks associated with the deal from an Operations perspective.

Integration Lifecycle

Our commitment to customized post-merger integration strategies, cross-functional collaboration, Integration Management Office (IMO), and continuous monitoring enables us to drive maximum value for our clients.

Spend Data & Savings

During the pre-deal stage, our procurement experts will establish a common spend taxonomy and propose value-capture initiatives to ensure the post-deal business performance is successful.

Case Study



Two retail financial institutions were in a merger discussion, and we were brought on to improve ROI from unified branding and the corresponding strategy.



We studied the number of branches of each entity, their geographical distribution, footfalls, current state of branding infrastructure to segment and create a prioritized roadmap and implementation plan. As part of the exercise, we also assisted the acquiring entity with the amount of capital outlay needed and the timeframe, thereby building a business case with a ground-up cost structure.



With the approval of our holistic implementation plan by the company’s Head of Distribution, we switched gears towards implementing the plan by selecting the right vendor for the client.

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