Unleashing Procurement Potential for Enhanced Profitability and EBITDA Performance

Effective procurement operations management is vital for organizations aiming to achieve operational excellence. We specialize in transforming procurement operations management through our comprehensive suite of services. With our expertise in procure to pay processes and contract management, we empower businesses to optimize their procurement operations, reduce costs, and drive sustainable growth.

Our Services

Valorant Category Strategy

Category Strategy

We develop comprehensive approaches to managing their procurement categories, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and driving cost savings.

Valorant Procurement Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

We identify, evaluate, and select the most suitable suppliers to optimize costs, quality, and delivery, ultimately maximizing value for their procurement activities.

Valorant Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

We nurture and enhance relationships with suppliers, promoting collaboration, and driving continuous improvement to achieve long-term value and mitigate risks.

Valorant Procurement Strategy - Third-party Risk Management

Third-party Risk Management

We assess and mitigate risks associated with their suppliers, ensuring compliance, data security, and operational resilience throughout the supply chain.

Valorant Procurement Strategy - Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

We establish policies and processes for “green sourcing” by substituting one material for an eco-friendlier alternative. However, sustainable procurement is broader as they consider ESG factors. Regulations in the space of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 are driving carbon footprint reduction, cutting down on energy consumption and streamlining shipping practice.

Valorant Procurement Operations - Process, Policies, and Governance

Process, Policies, and Governance

We establish robust risk management in procurement processes, implement effective policies, and ensure governance mechanisms to optimize efficiency, transparency, and compliance in their procurement operations.

Your Path to Streamlined Operations and Cost Savings

Data Driven

With any level of data provided, our experts will break down the key components for the best visibility on current procurement management processes and transform your organization’s procurement strategy through this data.

Supplier Performance

We optimize third-party vendor spend to achieve savings of ~10% and more. We have enhanced many organizations’ contracting process and negotiated best-in-class contracts with all of their suppliers to achieve better KPI’s and SLA’s.

Solution Implementation

Unlike traditional consulting companies, we perform every step of the process including spend analytics, designing and publishing RFP’s, project managing the full process, direct negotiations with vendors, and support for contracting and supplier on-boarding as well.

Case Study



Full-service utilities company reached out to us to conduct a study of maximum conversion of their ICE LDV fleet to EVs within the next decade.



We first collected LDV data from different databases across regions in the USA. The data was enriched for accuracy measures. Thereafter, current utilization was studied. Further studies and benchmarks were conducted for the capital outlay for charging stations and EVs that can be converted, factoring in potential maximum distance traveled and several other factors.



Projection for EV conversion was made along with an implementation roadmap and change management plan. Key discovery was that current ICE LDV fleet size could be significantly reduced by increasing utilization, resulting in cost savings and reduction in carbon footprint.

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