Reimagine your business trajectory, bolster performance with strategic planning and agile implementation

  • Companies must continuously reimagine and transform to survive today’s disruptive business environment. Even leading businesses must transform to maintain their position and keep competitors at bay. However, successful transformations are never easy to pull off. More than half of transformation initiatives fail to generate value as planned. This makes transformation a very high stakes decision for a leader and the organization. It’s a make or break endeavor and must be carefully planned and executed with full commitment from across the organization.
  • Despite the high failure rates, business transformation remains a top priority for many CEOs, and rightly so. Whether a company is in financial distress, has new leadership with a new vision, or is facing major disruption by competitors or technologies, it is likely that a transformation is needed. Valorant works with clients in a disciplined structured approach to help boost the odds of success. An approach primarily driven by data, analysis, research and experience enables us to help you transform your business and generate long term value.
  • Irrespective of where you are in your transformation journey and how your organization is performing (revenue stagnation, declining profitability, shrinking market share, strategic or liquidity crisis), we can help you successfully turnaround and bolster business performance. We leverage our transformation framework which combines visionary leadership, methodical execution and change management to structure your successful transformation:
Strategic Vision -
C-Suite Driven -
Office of Chief Transformation Officer –
Performance Metrics and KPI tracking –
Methodical Execution –
Tracking and Reporting –
Change Management –
Talent Development –

Transformation Framework


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