• Growth is one of the key drivers of business performance over longer time periods. More than 70% of shareholder value is driven by growth. Further, growth can unlock several other benefits for organizations including economies of scale, attracting talent as well as bolstering the market reputation, which, in turn, can drive even more growth. This makes growth an attractive avenue for most companies, but strategies for growth and transformation are not always successfully implemented. Less than 50% of the companies that seek growth actually realize their targets, some even destroy value in the process due to initiatives like failed acquisitions or overspending.
  • Valorant works with clients across industries to support sustainable value-generating growth through discipline, innovation and transformation. Our expertise in strategy and deep knowledge of growth drivers fosters out of the box thinking to help clients develop winning growth strategies. We work with our clients to support them in building the capabilities to manage growth and accompanying change efficiently to create sustainable value. Our consultants have a proven track record of delivering creativity in a reliable, structured approach aligned to the clients’ business goals.

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