Procurement Transformation

Valorant follows a proven approach to help companies transform their Procurement organization and processes to maximize value from their third party supplier relationships.

  • In Valorant’s experience of working with small and mid-sized firms, we have observed they are often not very mature when it comes to Procurement and how they manage their suppliers. This often results in them missing out on multi-million dollar savings and also opens them up to multiple risks including supply risks, cyber security risks and data breaches by working with suppliers who have not been properly vetted and risk rated.
  • Here are some of the common pain points which we have observed:

noun_process_2473979 Created with Sketch. Process

  • No standard Procurement process for engaging with suppliers for contract renewals and negotiations
  • Not leveraging their enterprise wide spend during negotiations with suppliers
  • Lack of contracting & negotiating best practices which result in sub-optimal supplier contracts
  • No standard process for supplier relationship management, often without any monitoring mechanism

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  • Non-procurement professionals performing procurement activities (i.e. hobbyists)
  • Lack of end-to-end procurement skills including negotiating and contracting
  • Lack of ongoing vendor management skills post contract signature

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  • Poor quality of information on how much is spent with each supplier
  • Lack of a centralized contracts database or “proactive” contract management tools
  • Lack of best-in-class RFP documents and contract templates
  • We bring the expertise, tools, templates, best practices and benchmarking information to help transform your Procurement function to best-in-class. This program generally delivers a 4-8X ROI and has a project payback period of less than 6 months.


Interested in learning more about how Valorant can help your organization modernize Procurement with best-in-class people, process and technology? Reach out to us now


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